Infrastructure and R&D

“Innovation is the heart of our company!” We are focused on processing a diverse range of Technical and a whole range of Organic and Bio Products. Our manufacturing units are well-thought-out, and  is well-optimized for operations and logistics.

Gilehri is on a mission. For Gilehri the  Farmers remain the core of our research. We are working round the clock to uplift the state of farmers across the globe. We aim to assure that every farmer makes the best of each acre. To bring the latest Agro-solutions to the doorstep of farmers, gilehri screens and identifies the ideal sustainable solution  which act as productivity booster and helps the farmers to increase their income.

Our facility is supported with the dedicated R&D facility equipped with infrastructure to synthesize new products and develop innovative processes. We aim to maximize our capacity, upgrade our skills and introduce new technology to achieve product and process excellence.

Key Strengths


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