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Gilehri Compost Activator is a mixture of cultures of microorganisms specially developed for aerobic composting of wastes like FYM, Press mud, City waste, and organic waste materials collected from the fields, etc. Decomposing microorganisms are consumers of waste materials and dead organic matter as their food. These microorganisms have the ability to break down the complex dead organism into smaller particles and new compounds resulting in fertile soil that provides a good environment for soil microbial leads to nutrient availability to plants. It contains saprophytic microorganisms including bacterial and fungal species which are highly effective in the degradation of organic waste such as organic residue, FYM, Animal waste, Cellulose, Lignin rich material, etc. Gilehri  Decomposing Culture is a consortium of aerobic microorganisms specially developed for composting or degrading organic wastes like pressed, spent wash, cow dung, poultry manure, coir pith, sugarcane trash, bagasse, city garbage, and other agricultural wastes. This  Crops: The decomposed material can be used for all types of crops.


Application method and Dosage:

Organic waste:  Dilute 1 kg / 1 to 2 liter of Gilehri Compost Activator per MT of organic waste in 200 liter water and spray over the collected organic waste.

Maintaining the moisture percentage and frequent turnings will improve the quality of compost.

The addition of 10 kg Urea and 10 kg Single superphosphate to the composting material will give the rich nutrients containing compost.

Press mud:  Dilute 1 kg / 1 – 2 liter of Gilehri Compost Activator per MT of press mud in 200 liter water and spray over the press mud. Frequent turnings are required at 10 -12 days intervals for aeration to get the better quality compost.

Coco peat:  Dilute 1 kg / 1 – 2 liter of Gilehri Compost Activator in 100 litresdays water per MT of coco peat

Make the first layer of coco peat with 100 kg, spray diluted decomposing solution & go on doing the same way with 1 MT coco peat to make a heap. Turning is required on 12-15 day.

Benefits: It accelerates the decomposition process to reach a more balanced C: N ratio within 6 – 8 weeks. It accelerates and sustains temperature rise in compost heaps from 60-70° C.Pathogens, pests, and weed seeds are eliminated by this high-temperature decomposition.

  • Composter is the unique blend of mesophiles, thermophiles and psychrofiles effective microbes along with enzymes like cellulose, amylase mixed with eco-friendly carriers.
  • BENEFITS:- It converts all types of organic waste into compost/manure rapidly, It helps in breaking complex hard structure by enzymatic, fungal and bacterial process and converts it into good quality manure.
  • It destroys pathogens, weed seeds and toxic matter.
  • It increases the phosphorus as well as other nutrients availability in the soil and also increases the organic matter.
  • APPLICATION:- Mix 1 litre of Composter with 100 litre water and evenly apply to 1 MT of organic waste, Apply water to maintain moisture level on regular basis, Turn over the waste heap when heat starts developing, Compost will be ready in 30-45 days. Country of origin : India


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