Organic NPK granuals


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NPK Granuals is a natural and eco-friendly fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition to crops. It contains a mixture of beneficial microorganisms that help fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate, and mobilize potash into an available form for plants. This leads to better absorption of nutrients, improved soil health, and increased crop yields. NPK Granuals is easy to use and can be applied to the soil during field preparation or in standing crops. It is a cost-effective alternative to chemical fertilizers, reducing input costs and improving produce quality.

Increases utilization of atmospheric nitrogen
Solubilizes unavailable forms of phosphate
Mobilizes and fixes leftover potash in the soil
Increases drought tolerance & reduces disease infestation Cost-saving and reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizers

The Nitrogen Fixing bacteria in the NPK Granuals formulation converts atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use for growth. The Phosphate Solubilizing bacteria in the NPK Granuals help break down unavailable forms of phosphate in the soil and make it available for plants. The Potash Mobilizing bacteria in the NPK Granuals help release potassium already present in the soil and make it available for plant uptake

For soil application: Mix 4 Kg of NPK Granuals with 200-500 kg of FYM/compost or Vermicompost and broadcast in the field before the last plowing. Broadcast again in the standing crop twice during the cropping season.
For horticultural crops: Broadcast in the root active zone.


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