Trichoderma Viride


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Gilehri Trichoderma Viride  is a bio fungicide effective remedy against soil borne pathogens affecting all crops & plantations. It inhibits the growth of many fungal plant pathogens by producing antibiotics and also by secreting lytic  Trichoderma viride wrap around the pathogen fungi and produce antibiotics and extracellular enzymes ,  which lyses the cell wall of these pathogens that damage them. The invading fungus eventually collapse and disintegrates.Crops:Potato ,  Tomato ,  Brinjal ,  Chilli ,  Okra ,  Onion ,  Bottle gourd ,  Bitter gourd ,  Ridge gourd ,  Sponge gourd ,  Little gourd ,  Pointed gourd ,  Grams ,  Papaya ,  Mango ,  Banana ,  Papaya ,  Sapota ,  Pomegranate ,  Guava ,  Ber ,  Apple ,  Pear ,  Peach ,  Plum ,  Loquat ,  Almond ,  Cherry ,  Grape ,  Fig ,  Water melon ,  Musk melon ,  Jack fruit ,  Aonla ,  Bael ,  Custard apple ,  Phalsa ,  Grape ,  Orange ,  Citrus ,  Apricoat ,  Walnut ,  Pecannut ,  Strawberry ,  Litchi ,  Arecanut ,  Lemons ,  Pineappple ,  Kiwifruit ,  Dragon fruit ,  Avocado.Effective against diseases:It is a natural bio-fungicide ,  highly effective in controlling a wide range of soil borne crops disease caused by Fusarium ,  Rhizoctonia ,  Pythium ,  Schlerotinia ,  Verticillium ,  Alternaria ,  phytophthora ,  and other fungus. Method of application and dosage: Seed Treatment – Mix 6 ml. Trichoderma Viride  in 50 ml. of water and applied on 1 kg of seed uniformly. Shades dry the seeds for 20 – 30 minutes before sowing.Foliar Spray – 4 ml per Liter water is recommended  ,  Soil Application : 2 Liter Per Acre is used.For Detailed Instructions to use is given along with the is Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input with  Higher Shelf-life.


1 Litre(1 Litre x 1), 3 Litre(1 Litre x 3), 5 Litre(1 Litre x 5), 10 Litre(1 Litre x 10)


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