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  • Katyayani Bacillus subtilis Bio Fungicide is a high efficiency organic biological gives powerful control of Downy Mildew  Powdery Mildew  Anti  Bacterial disease like leaf blight. It also controls disease causing pathogens like Pythium , Alternaria , Xanthomonas , Botrytis , phytophthora , sclerotinia which cause root rot, root wilt, seedling rot etc.
  • Katyayani  Bacillus subtilis   is a powerful liquid solution with Recommended CFU ( 2 x 10^8 ) thus powerful liquid Solution  and better Shelf life then other Powder forms of Bacillus subtilis  in the market.Recommended For Organic Farming by NPOP & Gardening.It is recommended input for Organic Plantations for Export Purposes.
  • Katyayani Bacillus subtilis  is an effective remedy for all types of plants as it inhibits the germination of plant-pathogen and interacts with the attachment of pathogen to plant and controls the spread of disease.
  • Katyayani Bacillus subtilis is a Completely Eco-friendly Harmless bio fungicide  and 100% Organic Solution. It is a cost effective bio fungicide.Best for Domestic Purposes like home garden Kitchen Terrace Garden  ,  Nursery & Agriculture Practices.
  • Dosage: Root Drenching – 4 ml per Liter water is recommended  ,  Soil Application : 1.5-2 Liter Per Acre is used.For Detailed Instructions to use is given along with the product.


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